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Discover the auraWALL Prestige+ Range

Embark on a journey of opulent living with the auraWALL Prestige+ Range. This curated collection transcends the ordinary, offering not just a fireplace media wall, but a comprehensive lifestyle upgrade. Its expansive wall-to-wall design, enriched by additional alcoves, creates a grand statement, transforming your space into a sprawling canvas of modern elegance and functionality.

We Take Care of Everything: From the moment of delivery to the final setup, we ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience, letting you revel in the grandeur of your newly enhanced space.

The Prestige+ Range is designed for the discerning, with a size range of 200 to 400cm, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of spaces. The front facing single sided fireplace remains the empire focus of your feature wall.

Luxury is in the details—choose from real natural slate or marble stone veneers to clad your surround, further enhanced by optional matching color tone aluminum profile edges for a polished finish.

Key Features of the auraWALL Prestige+ Range:

  • Complete Package: We handle everything from delivery to final setup.
  • Alcove Configurations: Stylish and functional, providing elegant storage solutions.
  • Wall-to-Wall Design: A grand statement of modern elegance.
  • Luxurious Finishes: Choice of real natural slate or marble walls with optional aluminum profile edges.
  • All-Inclusive Wiring: Hassle-free connectivity for a seamless experience.
  • Free Bracket and TV Installation: Your entertainment hub, ready to dazzle.
  • Short Installation Time: A swift transition to opulence compared to traditional plastering and painting.

With the auraWALL Prestige+ Range, the blend of grand design, innovative technology, and luxurious finishes invite you into a realm of modern, upscale living.

  • Size of unit : The standard wall here is 300cm wide with a 155cm fireplace width. However depending on optional upgrades your custom wall width will change according to the fireplace choice. The choice available is 155cm / 189cm or 255cm . The height of 260cm is standard.
  • Size of fireplace : Included 155cm
  • Size upgrade available :  189cm / 255cm
  • Optional upgrade available : TV recess window with Led mood lights
  • Optional upgrade available : Sound bar speaker zone & recess window
  • Optional upgrade available : Log cabin space alcove with Led mood lights

Please note that suitable power supply must be available in the installation area. Should this not be available we can provide the electrical services required for the media wall set up as an optional extra. 

Evoflame Classic Size Upgrade

Premium edgings . Colour coded aluminium profiles that create a lush fit for your real stone veneers.

We create an inner window for the TV to be placed in a recessed cove for a more lush and finished design.

Creation of an inside shelf ideal for placing of soundbar, internet or gaming console equipment

A section at bottom level to create space for the placing of logwood. The alcove is gently illuminated with Led Mood Lighting

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