Bio ethanol fireplaces

Bio ethanol fireplaces are a modern solution to many common issues with traditional fireplaces. Importantly, they do not require connecting to a chimney. This stems from the fact that burning of bio ethanol does not produce any additional substances that would harm one’s health and is completely safe. The only product resulting from it, is heat and vapours and minimal carbon dioxide in a very limited and safe quantity comparable to the emissions of a human breathing. Use of the right bio ethanol such as Bionlov in a fireplace is also virtually scent free and completely bareable ( 99.8 % of clients will agree to this ), the fact that a real flame is produced leaves the 0.02% claiming a slight smell of alcohol. These fireplaces are a great solution for every kind of interior. Regardless of its size, a suitable model can be chosen – for example a small room will certainly benefit from a wall mount ethanol fireplace. However, a bigger type will be more fitting in a more spacious venue.

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At a glance , advantages :

  • Requires no flue, so it can be installed in any house, apartment or most locations.
  • The flames it produces are clean burning and it does not need to vented – it is, therefore, a solution which is safe both for our health and the environment. Kindly note this statement is true in the event of using proper certified bio ethanol fuel , such as Bionlov.
  • Bio fireplaces create beautiful natural flames that are very pleasant to look at.
  • Amazingly easy to install and use. Just plug and play in most scenarios like fitting a picture frame to a wall.
  • Simple igniting. Just fill the burner with bio ethanol and light the fuel with a lighter device.
  • Manual units require almost no servicing as there is no mechanical or moving parts.

What is bio ethanol liquid?

Bio ethanol is a by-product of a sugar fermentation process similar/same to the process of alcohol. The sources of sugar to produce ethanol are derived from energy crops, such as wheat, corn, willow, sawdust, jerusalem artichoke and many forms of vegetation. It takes form in a clear transparent liquid.  Bio ethanol fuel is also considered a renewable source of energy due to the umlimited supply of such above mentioned resources. Bio ethanol is nowadays produced for a wide variety of uses. Therefore it is important to buy specific bio ethanol for ‘fireplace use’ and not other commercial uses such as the cleaning of ink equipment and laboratory cleaning equipment, equipment fuel in certain factories and so forth.

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The Bionlov brand of bio ethanol is an exclusive item made for the fireplace market with added benefits, such as, extended lenght of burning time per use, golden flame colours during burning time, fireplace upkeep and cleanliness with no damage to ceramic burner parts and last but not least this fuel guarantees an odourless operation of your device.

How much bio ethanol liquid will my fireplace consume ?

It would be hard to give an accurate calculation of the above question because each room and location will resonate in its unique interaction of the fireplace such as room space and open drafts , windows, doorways etc. The fireplace burner unit also plays a big part in this equation whilst remembering the basic principal that the larger the burner lenght the more the consumption naturally. Having said all of the above it would be somewhat an average sum to say that 500ml of bio ethanol can burn anything between 1 to 2 hours and even more depending on how you ‘regulate your burner’. Most burners allow for the flame to be controlled by a simple operation of opening and closing the air intake of the units. This has a big effect on the overall economy of your bio ethanol usage.  You should stay away from burners that look like ‘open tin cans’ as most times these represent a cheaper offering with no safety features. Check your product has the right standards before purchasing and operating.  A bio ethanol burner of good quality is triple layered stainless steel and comes with ceramic wool to control the inner liquid. TUV fireplace certificates and a good warranty are always important to look out for.

Safety First – so simple to use and operate but remember :

Use a bio ethanol fire as instructed and with good common sense. You must never forget that you are dealing with a real flame and should always take care and act responsibly.

Bio fires can be dangerous when:

  • pouring fuel – never pour fuel into a burning fire
  • fuel spillage – never ignite the fireplace without drying ALL the spillage if unsure leave it dry
  • fuel quantity – always use a proper beaker or cup that allows the proper ammount of liquid dispensed to be viewed. Never overfill
  • fuel quality – use the right type of fuel , cheaper options could be burning unwanted toxins and also possibly damage your unit
  • installation location – never install an open fire close to a curtain/ drapes that allows the possibility of the curtains blowing onto the open flame
  • installation – never place an open fire burner inside a flammable surface without the proper surrounding. Normally you would place a bio ethanol burner insert into a metal surface circumference or fireproof boards etc preventing direct contact is always important.
  • installation – depending on the fireplace ( consult with company ) always leave adequate distance between a TV unit, Picture frame, Art piece etc to avoid heating. Remember heat rises. Normally with the correct type of fireplace (complete unit , burner and mantle or metal surrounding ) it is possible to leave 50 to 60 cm in between items.
  • installation – be reponsible and if you are not in the knowhow – get a company or person who has the right tools , qualification and knowledge to do the job

It is good practise to open a window for a few minutes after the fire has been on for a period of time in case the room gets too warm. People often refer to ethanol fireplaces as decorative only yet one might be surprised by the amount of heat produced. A good quality bio ethanol fireplace will produce approximately 2 to 3 kW of heat – or equivalent to a movable electric heater. This will increase the temperature in your room by 3 to 5 degrees celcius per/hr depending on the room size and time of operation and so forth.

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