“We are so thrilled to finally land in Malta a true great , authentic, artisan hand-made product. Zio Ciro, manufactured in Sardegna , Italy  “


Zio Ciro pizza ovens have been around for many many years, and although they are sold throughout the four corners of the globe they manage to retain a family generational tradition somehow with a local attitude, and we love this.


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If you are passionate about food nothing will beat the feeling of using an original Italian wood or gas burning oven , Pizza nights or any kind of night , meat , fish and pastry are all cooked so easily in these versatile high quality ovens. And whats more you know when you are using these ovens , you are using the right deal.

The high quality materials used in the Zio Ciro ovens puts all competition to game and will not be beat , hands down . All models can almost boast having 4cm thickness of the Highest quality refactory stone dome from base to top. A quick specification read vs the competition ( your big brands ) our Zio Ciro ovens are twice the weight of most if not all ovens out there on the market ! So imagine your pizza base cooking away on that oven base …

The pizza ovens are so quick to heat up you save on fuel and once it is heated ( 20 to 40 mins ) depending on the model the high insularity will keep your oven hot for hours , so if you are done with your pizza , why not make a tasty dessert like applie pie or any pastry dish. If you have never tried a pie cooked in an authentic wood burning oven , you are missing out on an experience.

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Zio Ciro offers the following range of products and categories ;



Check out these great reviews by Italian popular and famous Pizza Artists and Chefs


“Our Zio Ciro wood/gas fired ovens100% Made in Italy, are entirely produced in an artisanal factory by high-skilled workers with years of experience in the field, using top-quality machinery that delivers top-quality products.”


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