Pit Boss 6 Piece Cast Iron Set


With the Pit Boss 6 Piece Cast Iron Starter Set you can take all your favorite meals from the kitchen to the grill. This set includes a long handled skillet, a deep skillet with lid, a camp oven with lid, and a heavy-duty leather cooking glove.The skillet has a long easy grip handle with an additional helper grip to cook, maneuver, and serve inthe same skillet. The deep skillet has two wide lip pouring spouts and lid that can serve as a second skillet or be placed on top to seal in moisture. The camp oven holds 4 quarts and can accommodate recipes for four persons. With its tight-fitting lid, you can seal in heat while the built-in bumps up return food moisture. The heavy-duty leather gloves allow you to quickly move the hot cast and protect your handsfrom radiant heat.

Care Instructions: Rinse the skillet with water only. Dry well. Season whenever the bottom starts to lose its well-oiled shine. Like all Cast Iron if rust appears wipe and scrub gently and reseal with a good coating of oil.

6 pcs cast iron set includes:

  • 255mmdiameter pre-seasoned cast iron skillet with long handle
  • 305mmdiameter pre-seasoned cast iron deep skillet
  • 305mmdiameter cast iron deep skillet lid
  • 255mmpre-seasoned cast iron camp oven
  • 255mmdiameter cast iron camp oven lid
  • 390mmheavy duty leather glove


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