Kamado K24 Pit Boss Black Ceramic Charcoal BBQ

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World class BBQ in your own backyard with the Pit Boss Ceramic Series of  Kamado Grills.

The Pit Boss PBK24 is the largest ceramic grill in its class, and offers a high-quality design, cooking versatility,and that authentic charcoal flavor. Perfect for large groups or BBQ entertainment, the PBK24 offers 662 squareinches of two-tiered, stainless-steel cooking surface, with temperatures reaching up to 700°F. The heavy-duty ceramic exterior is finished with a glossy black coating and steel trim.The Pit Boss Ceramic Series comes complete with fold down sideshelves and heavy-duty swivel casters,as well as adjustable top and bottom dampers for superior temperature control. Fueled by premium all-natural Pit Boss hardwood lump charcoal, the PBK24 offers first class 5-in-1 cooking. Smoke, bake, sear,roast, or char-grill!

  • Enjoy the freedom of choice with a Pit Boss PBK24 Ceramic Grill. – Features ;
  • Large damper for airflow control
  • Fold down shelves (2)
  • Dual-tier stainlesssteel cooking racks
  • Strong, durable hardware
  • Heavy duty ceramic exterior body and fire bowl
  • Dome thermometer with chrome bezel
  • High temp glossy black finish
  • 304 stainless steel cookingsurface
  • Polished black metal portable stand
  • Upper and lower calibrated damper system
  • Polished black steel ash tool included
  • Stay cool, solid wood handle
  • Cooking surface: 662 square inches
  • Stay cool, solid wood handle
  • Ceramic Charcoal Grill
  • Control type: Top/bottom damper vents
  • Temperature range: Up to700°F
  • Burger capacity: 38
  • Fuel source: Hardwood lump charcoal


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