Charlie bronze bio ethanol fireplace


Experience design and warmth like never before with our Charlie Designer Range Bioethanol Fireplace. Skillfully crafted in the European Union, this fireplace merges aesthetic appeal into one seamless design.
The double steel construction of this fireplace enhances its durability, while the tastefully angled accents add depth and luxury to the unit. Its distinctive feature of not requiring a chimney or flue makes it a versatile choice for any room or surface in your home.
The installation process is straightforward, hang-on or built-in , allowing you to enjoy the charm of a modern fireplace without any complexities. Moreover, each purchase is safeguarded by our generous 3-year warranty, assuring you of its quality and longevity.

Disclaimer: For the product to function safely and as intended, it’s essential to follow the provided installation guide carefully. Improper installation can lead to safety issues.

SIZE AVG : 81 X 51 X 18CM


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