Delta 2 vertical design bio ethanol fireplace


“Bio ethanol Wall-Mounted/ Built-in Fireplaces
Step into the future of simple home heating with our Bioethanol Wall-Mounted Fireplace. Crafted in the European Union, this fireplace combines sleek design with advanced technology for a superior aesthetic appeal.
An ideal choice for modern homes, this unit requires no chimney or flue, making it a simple addition to any wall or surface in your home. Moreover, its easy installation process assures you can enjoy its warmth without undue hassle.
Every purchase is supported by our extensive 3-year warranty, providing you assurance against manufacturing defects and peace of mind .
Disclaimer: For optimal performance and safety, it is essential to follow the provided installation guide thoroughly. Proper installation is crucial to prevent potential safety issues.

SIZE AVG : 90 X 40 X 14CM”



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