Cassette Insert Fireplace Juneau


The JuneauXL is an electric inset fireplace unit, ready to be installed into nearly any interior space or indoor object,
including old inactive gas or wood fireplaces. The three dimensional fire image comes from cold water vapor and light, which is startlingly realistic, can be seen
from all sides, and is safe to touch. A practical detail: the water reservoir can be refilled from the front, without removing its glowing log set. Front drawer system. In a few words: the Juneau is a
perfect basis for great fireplace projects.

Suitable for installation projects and designed to fit into
a custom-made frame or fireplace
• Easy-fill water tank, offers around 8-10 hours of
continuous operation before refilling is required
• The water tank is very easy accessible through a drawer
in the front
• Log set included

  • Build in dim LxHxW 56,7x30x26
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