Bespoke Designer Fireplace See-Through

The new, electric fires are exactly what you would expect from a fire and they’re electric. Built in to your style, DESIGNERS & bespoke projects – where a gas fire or a wood fire is impossible.

  • A beautiful fire to your personal taste and interior design requirements.
  • Enjoy a playful, three-dimensional flame effect that moves up from a glowing bed of ash between the logs.
  • The fireplace can be built in with the glass flush against the surround.A complete flame effect

Focused on the future. Ground breaking technology that uses swirling water mist and special LED lights, you can enjoy the complete fire experience. The bed of ash radiates a warm, red glow from the low-energy LEDs. You can even hear the sound of a crackling fire. Seeing is believing. Use with heat or without , ideal for hotels , lobby, restaurant , nightclubs and more.

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