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A selection of the most beautiful slate blocks from around the world. With a revolutionary manufacturing and mining method that make it possible to produce thin stone layers from massive slate or marble blocks. The product is lightweight, flexible and thin 1.5mm to 2mm depending on the stone chosen.

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These 100% natural stone veneers are good for wall covering and even floor covering. Ideal in bathrooms, home exteriors and so much more. The natural beauty of stone has never been so accessible. The panels come in various sizes 122 x 61cm being the most popular but it is also available in 260cm x 120cm ! Can you imagine the seamless raw stone cut at a fraction of the cost and installation procedures that comes with solid marble.

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The veneers are easy to cut and most times require sticking and bonding against the surface , so easy. Veneers are also available in transluscent versions that allow light to seep in recreating an Onyx marble light effect from real stones. Cotton backing is available and the veneers can be glued to furniture and more.

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( Panels come in various sizes )

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