Five star luxury Edinburgh Spa – Scotland

Quick glance at a renovation of this beautiful spa located inside a 5-star hotel located in the city of Edinburgh.


The contractors working on this project faced the challenge of completing the works in approximately three weeks, while the spa remained operational and open to the public. The wall panels allow projects to happen without facing the daunting problem of closing for business. 

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The need to carry out the project with the installation open to the public requires careful consideration about the chosen materials. Not only did they have to be of the best quality, to create a luxurious and relaxing environment for customers, but they also needed to be installed with minimal disturbance, noise or interruptions.

Sunsourcewalls offer just the right solution :

Lightweight and durable Pyrenean Stone fit these characteristics, so they provided the perfect solution. Pyrenean stone imitation decorative panels, made of polyester and fibreglass resin, faithfully reproduce the stone constructions of the high mountain areas of the Pyrenees using original wall moulds.

Transported, cut to fit and installed on site, without the need for any heavy or specialized equipment, these walls look spectacular.

Spa Edimburgo MSD Panels
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The stone panels offer finishes that evoke nature, greatly reducing both the installation and the purchase of the material itself.

A very popular choice for hotel walls, spas and terraces. Available in many colours and options. Visit

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