Quickfire size guide >> Tv & Fireplace pairing

  • 55-inch TV = 50-inch / 128cm fireplace
  • 65-inch TV = 60-inch / 153cm fireplace
  • 75-inch TV = 74-inch / 190cm fireplace

One of the most common queries we receive is “how big should my fireplace be ? if my TV is …”


As a general rule for design and build, the fireplace should be at  minimum the same width as the TV or better 5 to 8 inches wider than the TV being placed above. This is ofcourse down to taste. But the idea backing the reasoning is that you can create enough frame depth behind the TV ( recess to accomodate strip lighting and some wires behind the TV for example ) the outer part of this so called TV edge would then align to the fireplace width . Creating a somewhat seamless media wall.

Remember that TV units are measured diagonally whilst fireplaces are measured in actual width. Therefore a 55inch Tv is likely to be around 50inches in actual width.

We have a small guide below to help you in your choice. Remember it is  a guide and lenghts can vary from brand to tv type. Always confirm specifications with your manual or brand of appliance. 

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How big should my fireplace be when compared to the size of my room?

Regardless of heat output or TV size, the size of the fireplace should suit the size of the room. A small fireplace will be lost in a large space. Likewise, a large fireplace could overpower a tiny room.

However, we see clients going too small far more often than going too big. When asking ‘How big should my fireplace be when compared to the size of my room’, you should also be considering the size of the wall on which the fireplace will be placed. Dont be fooled by the size of the wall , if you have a large room find a large wall and put the fireplace size to suit your room. 

Remember big room big fire ! Small room small wall not too big a fire !

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