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Over the last few months our company representatives had the pleasure to attend to a world-wide seminar on the future proposals of heating in homes, in Europe and the USA. As the future evolves quicker than we know. We realise that fossil fuel heating and gas heating is no longer a plan in the pipework. Environmental regulations, EU wide safety measures & restrictions in installations and benefits of what if or not the health reasons alone. The world is sifting & shifting to cleaner and greener alternatives at trending speeds.


The world of fireplaces is constantly evolving. From Coal to Wood to Gas . The latter was at one point considered an impossible market because people would refuse to buy a ‘fake gas fire’ so they were told. Nowadays gas has ofcourse taken over as the traditional known fireplace of choice.

But , here is the news – the mega trend coming next is Electric Fireplaces. Multi billion corporations that have been decades long manufacturing wood and gas stoves are now focusing 100% on r&d and creation in developement of E Fires. The prognosis is that heat and cooling are much more efficient and green arriving from green fuels and inverter pumps , inverter coolers, bio mass, home insulations and more , that the use of wood and gas will enentually give way to e fireplaces in homes and commercial developments.

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You might ask yourself how is this person saying this. Well the answer is very clear and easy. Fireplaces have become a staple of design and beauty that people want to have in there home. They want the ease of use , they want the possibility to place fireplace wherever they deem suitable and customisable and they want beauty of a fire glowing all throughout the year. Remember an electric fireplace can work as an effect flame unit only or also comes with a heating mode with a 1 or 2kw thermostatic blower that ensures low costs on just a simple 13amp plug connection and will give you enough heat around your living room area or so in a very energy efficient cost.

Talking about costs , the flame effect system in regular e fireplaces is as low as 23watts per 150cm fireplace. Therefore based on the Maltese rate of *12 to 15c per 1/Kwh ( 1000watts per hour ) It costs you 15c per week if you use the fireplace 9 to 10 hours per day ! It is almost hard to believe but any tech savy person will know and understand the energy rating and qualities of led lighting systems and so forth easily. Moving to heating functionality with an average thermostatic heat setting and the rates used for Malta ,  you are at *15c per hour. The initial cost to purchase a high quality electric fireplace is higher than a bio ethanol fireplace but it far cheaper to run. And when comparing to wood , pellet and gas fireplaces the installation of these units alone will probably run into thousands, and then commissioning of the device and service costs and maintenance factors.( *rates depend on your home tariff )

One might also question how an electric fireplace can come close to looking as good as a real fire. Well for us its easy to understand because we live and see them on a daily basis. The high tech systems involved in lighting technology coupled with Ultra High definition reflective and non reflective glass parts recreate a flame ambience that not only is as good as the real flame but creates a whole new firelike experience in a category of its own. Seeing is believing we invite you any time to our showrooms for a full viewing of the leading technologies in one place !

To conclude , we truly believe in what we do at Sunsource , our motto is ‘ desirable modern products ‘ and here is…. we have a great reason to bring you some of the best brands of E Fires to Malta. Sunsource is exclusive distributor for Malta and regions for the Evonic Uk Firebrand , Glen Dimplex & E Matrix Electric , Modern Flames USA , OptiMyst Fire water systems and others.

Our products in-store are available to home and residential clients or our business team can help with B2B for designers and architects , turnkey and project installers.

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