Water softening chrome shower head kit

Water softening chrome shower head kit


FHSH-5-C or 6C ( larger head ) - shower filter provides up 99% chlorine removal. It also reduces the content of heavy metals such as: lead, chromium and mercury.

Shower filter effectively removes harmful vapors caused by a mixture of hot water and chlorine during showering and bathing.


AQUAFILTER FHSH-5-C are the most advanced shower filters on the market. These high performance shower filters combine easy operation and maintenance with the ultimate in structural integrity and overall reliability.

In contrast to most products commercially available both FHSH-5-C are sold in a standard chrome colour. Installation is quick and easy. Just attach a shower head to your shower hose and that is all you need to do. Each shower filter is sold together with one shower filter cartridge. Due to unique design it exhibits very low pressure drop, which is a major drawback in competitive products.

The multimedia filter cartridge, effectively removes up to 99% of  chlorine and convert it to harmless salts. Moreover they reduce scale and other contaminants content, such as heavy metals (lead, mercury), hydrogen sulfide and iron oxide from your shower water. Another  benefit is that it can balance pH and releases various micro-elements which are beneficial to human skin. In other words it performs like a drinking water filter does.

This filter cartridge will last around 6 months before needing to be replaced depending on water consumption and its quality.

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Chrome Shower filter head kit with water filtering media

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